Documents and forms pertaining to GSA can be found on their own separate pages.    Here is a brief summary of documents and links, below.



GSA traditionally helps fund graduate student travel as well as graduate student organizations twice an academic year, and Summers (May-August) as of summer 2018.

*new* 12/18  GSA form-fill Travel grant application 

GSA Travel grant application form

*new* 12/18 Graduate Organization Allocation request (Form fill)

Graduate organization allocation request.

GSA and SA funding guidelines are available online.  If there are questions, before emailing us, please read the  funding guidelines before contacting us!   New GSA guidelines (December 2017) include important information regarding fund requests, and how monies are allowed to be spent.  GSA funding guidelines comply with requirements from the Student Association (SA).  Both  guidelines are subject to periodic updates.

GSA Funding Guidelines.
(update December 2017)

Student Association resources page
(opens in new window)



All Senate Meetings are recorded by the Secretary and uploaded in PDF form.

Meeting minutes archive 



The GSA Constitution contains information pertinent to all Senate and Executive Board members of The University of Tulsa Graduate Student Organization.

Click to view the GSA Consitution online


Contact us

Updated 4 December 2018


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