December 6, 2015

Graduate Student Association

Senate Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2015


Call to order at 2:03 by Vice-President Danielle Zanotti

Emily Schumacher made a motion to accept the minutes from the previous GSA Senate meeting. Lea Brewer seconded the motion and it passed.

Officer Reports

President- Cassie thanked the senators for the coming to the senator appreciation night. She emphasized the importance of sending a RSVP and sticking ot commitments.


Danielle Z. undated the senate on the volunteering and if any senator have items to drop off for the coat drive to email to set up a drop off time. Senators will be able to sign up for volunteer slots when the spring semester starts for the coffee bunker.


Rob reminded the senators that the org allocations will be due on January 29th and travel grants will be due on February 12th.

Event Coordinator

Angela reminded the senators that the Graduation Banquet would be on December 10 at 6:30 in ACSU. We will have door prizes and will be recognizing star senators. No volunteers will be needed for this event.


Danielle reminded the senators that there will be no more afternoon pick me ups or breakfast hours until the spring semester starts back up.

Anita made an announcement to the senate that if any students or organizations needed information distributed through emails that the information needs to be to her the Friday before.


  • Next GSA meeting is January 24, 2016
  • Graduation Banquet is December 10 at 6:30
  • Welcome Back event is January 13 at 6:00



John Blackwell made a motion to adjourn. Holly seconded the motion and it passed.