October 11, 2015

GSA Senate Meeting October 11, 2015

Call to Order

  • Alex London called to order
  • Brianna Christian seconded

Overview of agenda for the meeting


Approval of Minutes

  • Unanimous approval of minutes
  • John Blackwell made a motion to approve the minutes
  • Jesse Phillips seconded
  • Danielle apologized for the minutes being posted on website late.
  • New policy: minutes will be posted no later than Friday following a GSA Senate meeting.


Org Allocations voting

  • Rob discussed how GSA has $10,000 budgeted for org allocations and the factors taken in to account for allocation recommendations
    • Given priorities
    • Guidelines for applications
    • Roll over
    • 10% fine for late application
  • Executive Officers will discuss change to bylaws about retroactively funding events.
    • From first day of spring semester to first day of fall
    • From first day of fall semester to first day of spring

Senate voting on each organization’s allocation requests:


  • $658 for recommendation
  • Jesse Phillips asked question about how many students in org
  • John Nimmo asked if it was going to education events. Danielle Zanotti explained the different GRASP events
  • Passed


  • $2,770 for recommendation
  • John Nimmo asked how many students they have in the org.
  • Ryan Bailey asked for clarification about the grand total. What are their other options for funding if they aren’t covered by GSA? We will help them approach SA
  • Phillip Workner Were any applications outright denied? No
  • Beth Brady Edwards: did they have a rollover amount? No.
  • Ponta: She explained how they front the money until they are reimbursed. They run the risk of not getting the full amount.
  • Brianna Christian: Majority of ISA events are opened to campus so that’s why they are bigger.
  • Soham: asked for clarification about the number of grads that were there.
  • Jesse Phillips: wanted to clarify that they are requesting money for grads and undergrads. the guidelines online
  • Passed


  • Requested $1838
  • Recommended $1,145.60
  • Questions:
    • Jesse Palmer: had questions about why the meetings were cut down
      • Rob explained how there was an issue with how they broke down their meeting series.
  • Emily Schumacher clarified that the allocation decisions are left up to the allocations committee
  • Beth it would be helpful if GSA knew what each group had to rollover accounts
    • Takeaway suggestion was that we need to get rollover amount before semester begins.
  • In the future it may be helpful to pair up with SA for allocations information
    • Ponta: SA doesn’t reach out to Grad organizations so we need to reach out to SA because they don’t deal with many grad orgs
  • Passed

Lambda Alpha

  • Requested: $1,785
  • Recommended: $1013.40
  • Passed


  • Requested: $750
  • Recommended: $516.58
  • Passed


  • Requested: $1,290
  • Recommended: $568.24
  • Passed


  • Requested: $1,070
  • Recommended: $463.68
  • Passed


  • Requested: $7,690
  • Recommended: $3,078.50
  • Ponta: discussion about religious holiday table spreads, and further explained what the miscellaneous expenses are.
  • Rob walked through their excel sheet to explain how and why the budgets were cut
  • Soham: questions about number of grads per event
  • Passed

Officer Announcements

  • Discussion of volunteer opportunities
    • Pepsi: we can collaborate with Pepsi after an upcoming football game to help recycle after the game.
    • Jesse Phillips mentioned downtown coffee shop for underprivileged kids for movie night. Danielle will Contact Jesse about tailgating and coffee shop volunteer opportunities.
  • Fall Family Picnic updates
    • Angela got volunteers and at end of meeting they will sign up for tasks.

New Business

  • Headshots: senators have until 25th meeting to send in headshots. Those that do not send one in will have their picture taken at the next meeting.
  • Nadia talked about needing volunteers for Research Colloquium. She needs 5 people able to provide plenty of time for planning and running the symposium. We will follow-up about this at our next meeting.
  • Move to put on next agenda about future allocations procedures.


  • Brianna Christian made a motion to adjourn the meeting
  • John Blackwell seconded