October 25, 2015

October 25, 2015

Brianna Christian made a motion to call the meeting to order at 2:33 p.m. Emily Schumacher seconded the motion.

Approval of Minutes:

Brianna Christian made a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Susan Gates seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Voted on Travel Grant Applications:

Rob Dicken, GSA Treasurer, reported on the Travel Grant committee meeting and submitted the names for approval by the senators. There were three tiers of funding: The first tier are students who are presenting for the first time, the second tier are students who have presented before, and the final tier are students who have presented before and are receiving funding from other places. There were eighteen applicants and the senate approved all eighteen recommendations from the travel grant committee.

Pepsi Recycling Project:

GSA has partnered with the Pepsi Recycling Project and will be volunteering during a home football game on November 7, 2015 to promote recycling. This is an opportunity for senators to fulfill the requirement of a volunteer activity outside of GSA. There are two shifts available, 4-6 pm and 6-8 pm. Emily Wynn, Brianna Christian, Susan Gates, Daniel Guzman, Soham Sheth, Lily Coleman, and Holly Mannucci are the volunteers for the 4-6 shift. Emily Schumacher, Jesse Phillips, Mark Poyner, Chris Milane, Du Kuang, Katherine Miller, and Marco Martinez are the volunteers for the 6-8 shift. Angela will be forwarding these names to Bobbi Deer who will be in contact with the volunteers.

Downtown Community Center:

The other outside GSA volunteer opportunity for senator will be at the downtown community center during their movie nights. The movie nights are for young kids. An email will be sent out at a later date including time slots and days for senators to volunteer.

Organization Allocations:

The GSA officers reminded the senators that GSA will no longer be funding events retroactively, which is stated in the GSA bylaws.

Student Association Funding Meeting:

GSA will be working with SA about funding for the coming year. Some of the Graduate organizations receive funding from GSA and SA so the officers will be working with SA.

Officer Reports:

Event Coordinator:

ENS Luncheon will be on 11/13/15 from 11:30-12:30 in the lower level of Keplinger Hall. Angela has already been in contact with the volunteers for this event.

Grad Office:

Anita needs six more volunteers for the Colloquium Committee. The following senators volunteered: Lily Coleman, Katie Miller, Alex London, Holly Mannucci, Jesse Phillips, and Mark Poyner.


If you have not submitted a photo already you will need to stay after the meeting is adjourned to have your picture taken.


  • Next Senate meeting is on 11/15/15 at 2 pm
  • ENS Luncheon is on 11/13/15 at 11:30 in Keplinger


Emily Schumacher made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Lea Brewer, motion passed.