September 27, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Graduate Student Association

September 27, 2015


Emily Schumacher made a motion to call the meeting to order. Lea Brewer seconded the motion.



The new Executive committee introduced themselves to the senators. Anita Khan and Nadia Hall are faculty advisors for GSA and will be at future senate meetings. The senators introduced themselves to the rest of the senate.


Danielle Z., speaker of the senate, went over the responsibilities and benefits of being a senator.


Officer reports:

President: Cassie apologized for the GSA email. The officers have not been able to access the email and if anyone in the senate needs an immediate response please email Cassie. GSA is also looking for a new service project to replace the Wine and Roses event. Please email GSA with ideas for a new project. Suggestions currently proposed are True Blue Neighbors and the women’s prison.


Treasurer: Rob announced that travel grants would be due on October 9th. He them took up names for the organization allocation committee and the travel grant committee. The organization allocation committee is made up of Emily Wynn, Emily Schumacher, John Blackwell, Natalie Hellman, and Daniel Guzman. The allocations will be voted on at the October 11th Senate meeting. The travel grant committee is made up of Emily Wynn, Emily Schumacher,   Jesse Phillips, Natalie Hellman, and Daniel Guzman. The travel grants will be voted on at the October 25th Senate meeting.


Secretary: Danielle C. informed the senators that they will be filling out a bio today for the website. Senators can send in a head shot to the GSA email or they can have a photo taken next meeting on the 11th.


Event Coordinator: Angela informed the group about upcoming events and took names for volunteers. The three upcoming events are the BUS dinner, Fall Family Picnic, and the ENS luncheon


At the end of the semesters star senator will be chosen and rewarded for going above and beyond.



  • The next senate meeting will be on October 11, 2015 at 2 p.m., please email GSA if you will not be able to make it.
  • Afternoon pick me up is every Wednesday from 3:00- 4:00 p.m.
  • Breakfast hours are know from 8:00- 10:30 a.m. every Friday.
  • Please email in a headshot to accompany your bio or come camera ready on the 11th!


Holly Mannucci made a motion to adjourn the meeting. John Blackwell seconded the motion. The motion passed.