Travel Grant Forms


Spring – Applications are due January 19th, 2018 by 5:00 PM.***

***Note: all recipients will be notified at the end of January via email concerning their allotted awards.


Maximum Amount: $400 per student, per semester – may combine with other sources of funding

Eligibility: Student must be presenting at a conference and must be the first or second author of the submitted presentation. Students receiving travel funding through the Graduate School or the Research Office for the same semester are eligible for a GSA travel grant. Student’s academic department must have a student representative on the GSA Senate. Priority is given to students who have not received funding for conference presentations from GSA previously. Students can apply for review prior to receiving formal confirmation of their acceptance to present at a conference.

Funds will be distributed based on the following criteria: funds available to GSA, cost for conference travel submitted to GSA senate, nature of conference, whether or not the person requesting the funds is presenting (student must be presenting in order to receive funds), location of conference relative to the University of Tulsa, and official conference information (relevant information must be submitted along with application to be considered).

The GSA Allocations Committee will meet and make the decision of whether or not to disperse funds for conference travel. Expenses eligible for funding include registration, transportation, food, hotel expenses, and miscellaneous expenses (i.e. baggage expenses).



Student Travel Grant Form

Contact with any questions, comments, or concerns.


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