Election Information

 Executive Board Elections are OPEN!

Link: https://idp.utulsa.edu/idp/profile/SAML2/Redirect/SSO?execution=e1s1

Senate Elections open in the Fall!

Anthropology (2 vacancies)

Applied Math (2 vacancies)

Art (2 vacancies)

Biology (2 vacancies)

Chemical Engineering (3 vacancies)

Chemistry/Biochemistry (2 vacancies)

Clinical Psychology (3 vacancies)

Computer Science (3 vacancies)

English (3 vacancies)

Electrical and Computer Engineering (2 vacancies)

Geosciences (3 vacancies)

History (2 vacancies)

I/O Psychology (3 vacancies)

Mechanical Engineering (3 vacancies)

Museum Science and Management (2 vacancies)

Petroleum Engineering (3 vacancies)

Physics/Engineering Physics (2 vacancies) 

Speech Pathology (3 vacancies)

DNP (2 vacancies)


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