Executive Elections 2017


President Candidates:

•Srinivas Swaroop Kolla

•Emily Schumacher

Srinivas Swaroop Kolla Statement:

Since the time I have returned to this university little over 3 semester’s back in Fall of 2015 to complete PhD, my life has become entwined with the family, classes, research work away from the corporate culture. The university seemed to have donned a new avatar, I do say this, the reason being The University of Tulsa achieved relatively new heights over the last decade. Other than the new dorm buildings, New U, Lorton Performance Center and renovation of old buildings etc., there is a significant contribution from the research and development which is carried out by our professors and graduate students across various departments. I can proudly say that Graduate Students and their research had a substantial effect on the rankings and stature our University has achieved, and will continue to accomplish over the years to come. The recently concluded research colloquium is a testimony to the above, echoing the same with 20% increase in presentations and posters over last year, across the university coming from people of different cultures and various departments competing on a single platform. During my earlier stay at the University of Tulsa while pursuing my Master’s, I have held several posts such as Secretary-GSA, President-Indian Student Association, Co-Chair-Research Colloquium. These positions gave me ample insight and experience with regards to planning and the organizational values. The time during these years have given me the opportunity to interact with other organizations on campus dealing with event planning and scheduling. I am also a council member of the ASME-PD division for North America and Mexico, where I get to meet fellow graduate students and discuss what it takes to be a graduate student.  

My first day back in TU, I was wide eyed and flooded with exciting new places, departments that I have never heard of earlier. Little did I realize, that just after a little over a year and more, I have barely scratched the surface of the scope, people and impact that this wonderful group of GSA has had over everyone. As an officer and leader, I will do everything I can to ensure the growth and outreach that we have, which is of critical importance to accomplish the mission and expand in the years to come. I would like to utilize my experience and collaborate with other student organizations within the University to provide stepping stones for activities that students would like to achieve and accomplish during the year. I believe that a healthy society of graduate students is a happy, connected and social group which would lead to educational and professional growth. One of my personal objectives is to grow the GSA’s network externally as well and involve every graduate student with in the university. I plan to continue the growth we have achieved over the years as a student body and encourage students from new departments to actively participate. I plan to continue the beneficial projects that are currently ongoing such as research colloquium, travel grants and not to forget the breakfast hours where the Grad Students can break the stress and associate with fellow students from various departments and cultures before heading back to their ever-busy schedules.  I will be a liaison and encourage collaboration with the graduate school to improve and support the initiatives which have been started and continue the same. Our previous executive boards and senate members have built wonderful platform through years of hard work and dedication. As president, I will continue where they left off to ensure that GSA continues to evolve as a respected, mature voice with in the academic community at The University of Tulsa.

Emily Schumacher’s Statment:

I, Emily R. Schumacher, would like to submit my candidacy for the position of President of the University of Tulsa Graduate Student Association. As the current Secretary as well as a two-time Senator for the Department of Anthropology, I have a firm grasp of the workings of not only the Senate, but also the Executive Board. Furthermore, my time as Secretary has granted me an insider perspective of the role of President as well as provided an opportunity to cultivate a closer relationship with those inside the Graduate School. I feel my experience with GSA over the last three years has prepared me to act as a liaison between the Graduate School and GSA, and ultimately the graduate student population of TU. I have a passion for GSA and the university,and want to see the organization flourish as it continues to foster relationships between graduate students from different departments and support their various academic and professional endeavors. It is my hope as President of GSA that the vision of the organization will remain clear and strong, and that I will be able to share my passion for the organization and the university through representation of and service to my fellow graduate students.

Vice President:

•Paul Bowman


•Arpan Pal

Arpan Pal’s Statement

I, Arpan Pal, a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, writing to you to express my interest to run for the GSA Treasurer position for the next academic year. In this current academic year I served in GSA as a senate member representing my department. In addition, I was also a member in GSA funds allocation committee. This gave me the learning experience on how to wisely distribute the funds between the travel grant applicants and different graduate student organizations. I’m also aware of GSA annual budget. I hope the learning experience in current academic year as a GSA senate member will contribute to effectively perform as a treasurer in next executive committee and achieve the future goals of GSA.

GSA Invites you to submit write-in candidates for the following positions:


•Vice President



•Events Coordinator

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